Sunday, October 4, 2009

I miss my boy

Well, it's true. I miss the little stinker.

He's with me most of the time. He spends about 75% with me and 25% with his father and stepmother. Alot of our time is a whirlwind of school, homework and repetition. Wash and repeat. And for those of you with Aspies, you KNOW that is incredibly exhausting on a GOOD day. Never mind on a not so good day when you wish you could sell your child on Ebay. And you need and/or crave some down time.

And once that downtime is over, and you've rested (possibly) or like most of us, tried to clean up every square foot of your home, though there will be a typhoon of chaotic mess soon miss them.

I do. I miss him. Miss his hazel eyes. Miss his snaggle teeth (adult teeth look so funny next to baby teeth!). Miss his sense of humor. His big hugs. The way he tells me to "make with the stop it!" He's just awesome to me.

He'll be home soon. And that makes me happy knowing I'll see his smile and it will make me smile bigger.

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