Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Revolution isn't easy

Massachusetts now has a Republican Senator, which hasn't happened since 1972...the year I was born. (*gulp*). With 51 % of the vote, Senator Elect Scott Brown threw the state on its' ear and the President scrambling. This puts the health care reform bill in potential jeopardy, though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says otherwise.

Now, folks, I am not a political person, as I have said before. I was concerned about this vote and did follow both viable (not eligible) candidates to see what I could get from them in regards to special needs students and also, health care. Massachusetts has a requirement that ALL citizens must have health care or they get penalized. I am fortunate enough to have a health care plan that allows me to take Nathan to any doctor in our network for almost any reason. That is a boon to us, and helped us get a diagnosis (along with some good old fashioned warrior bootstomping). 

With this idea of government run health care, I was (and am still) afraid that my current option will be taken away from me and I'll have to fight even harder for what I have struggled tooth and nail to get.

As I looked at both candidates, I realized that my ideal candidate was a mix of the two. That if I went to the Create-A-Senator buffet and was able to pick and choose my desired traits, I could certainly have someone I would be proud to have in office, and I wouldn't have to eat my to speak. However, it is never that simple. We have to swallow the bitter pill to make progress sometimes. 

In the musical "1776", John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were so close to getting the Southern States to agree to join the rest of the colonies in becoming their own nation. The South, still owning slaves and not wanting to give that up, amongst other things, said they would join if slavery remained in the declaration. John Adams, being ever the patriot said no.  Dr. Benjamin Franklin said that in order to make progress for the future, we need to give them what they want now. Slavery remained in effect until 1865, with the Emancipation Proclamation.

As human beings, it took us over 4 million years to go from the ape like creatures who finally stood up to see over the tall grass and notice our enemies coming to the Blackberry using, coffee guzzling people we are today. Evolution, as well as revolution, isn't easy. And it doesn't come quickly, nor does it arrive in ways we may want it to.

Is Scott Brown perfect? No, Sir. Are there things about him that I don't like? Yep. I am okay with the health care bill being potentially delayed if not stopped at the moment. I don't think the government needs to be involved with every facet of our lives. I think competition in health care is good, but I also think that having federal run health care is very scary in an Orwellian type way.

In caring for our ASD and special needs children, we need to be aware of these types of issues and to get out and use your voice. We need to be armed with information as well. This information changes constantly, so we're always scouring for new data, new studies, new therapies. Anything to give us a leg up. We gather in groups, chat rooms, tweet to each other, send each other signs of hope and friendship. The more we reach out, the better and stronger we will be. Change and tolerance in the neurotypical world will not come easy, nor will it arrive tomorrow.  We must be patriots of our own design and we will continue on the road to revolution. 

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