Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/11/2010

A low key day for me, even though it involved moving boxes and going to the gym. I'm feeling a little warm, have been for most of the afternoon. I'm running about 99.2, which is higher than my average of 98.4. I don't know what to attribute it to. I have no other symptoms so I'm drinking lots of water to keep my fluids up.

In the grocery store last night I ran into a few people. I usually get stopped either in the dairy aisle near the yogurt, the cereal aisle or at the check out. Guess I'm predictable that way. Mrs. B introduced my blog to another teacher, who stopped me in the cereal aisle near the protein bars to let me know how much she liked it and that my writing was a "gift". I was very humbled! I was also stopped at the check out by the bagger who said that he remembered seeing me as well as Mr. Turner when he portrayed Charles Dickens at Christmas time.  

Nathan came home around 6 and informed me that I was treating him like a baby because I didn't let him play games that use guns. I said, "Um..what about 'Hello, Mom, how are you?' " I am not fond of ultraviolent games involving guns. I think guns are too easy to use in real life as well as in fantasy life. I prefer games that use swords and other weaponry as they require some modicum of skill. My point is that he should know that regardless of which life he is in at the moment that guns are a quick way to get you killed, at least with a sword you have a fighting chance, no pun intended. I told him we would talk about it some more and that's all I promised was talk. I know he knows the difference and that he's not about to go on a rampage, but that doesn't mean that I should let him watch hours upon hours of uber savagery. Call me crazy to try to keep him from being exposed to unnecessary violence.

In a great ending note, he complained of going to bed early at 8:45. At 9:00, he was dead asleep. I was quite happy to have him sleep at that hour. I can still squeak out some quality work at 9PM. 

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