Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/13/2010

It's cleaning day, can you tell? Yes, headphones. I was tackling laundry and dishes tonight. Again, in the sink, was some ferocious smell. I dislike not having a working dishwasher. I've gotten less proactive with it being broken, hence the toxic fumes.  I got the trash & recycling out, sans morphing into Mom Full Of the CrayZay.

Nathan got out of school at noon, as we had another appointment. As we walked up to the hospital (where his psychatrist is located), he noticed a male nurse (or nurse who is male) speaking to a patient in a high pitched voice. Nathan said to me, "Mom, he sounds like a girl." I immediately said in a low whisper, "Nathan! That's not nice."  But I took a second and realized, well, what he's saying is true in his mind. The higher voice does sound feminine. That, to him, sounds like a girl. But he didn't know that the male nurse (or nurse who is male) could be gay or could be someone with a high pitched voice. I didn't know (and it doesn't matter if this nurse was gay or not, we're LGBT friendly here) and I didn't want to confuse the lesson I was trying to teach him.

I told him, "Some men have high pitched voices and sound like women and some women have low pitched voices and sound like men."  A woman in the elevator said she had the exact conversation with her children. Teaching children tolerant behavior is tricky, it's even more of a challenge with that pesky theory of mind throwing itself into the mix.

Nathan had a rough time this afternoon. We went to a different program, with kids he doesn't see very often. He would play games with them, which was fantastic, but would immediately quit if it did not go his way. He had a very short fuse and wasn't being a good sport, which disappointed me a little. I cut him some slack for being in a not so familiar environment, but he disintegrates so quickly. He's 4' 6", so when he cries, he looks like a 11 year old acting like a sad 6 year old. It's hard to see him cry like that, on a few different levels. I want to help him, but don't want to "save" him. I need him to learn how to be a good loser, but don't want him to flounder. It's a difficult rope to balance on. 

We got home and got the homework done quickly. He did manage to not have a bath tonight, but he will not be so lucky tomorrow. As of 10:30 I still heard voices from his room, but now he's asleep. I had put him to bed at 9:15, so I don't know what kept him up. Perhaps the dryer. Lord knows that puts me to sleep!

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