Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/14/2010


The camera ran out of batteries, so no current photo of me in blue today. I have been wearing the Autism Awareness bracelet, and did again today. I also sported the puzzle ribbon pin. Post will be brief, as I was just attacked by the IKEA Sleeping Couch. 

Nathan had a mixed bag of an afternoon, not being able to concentrate on homework, not listening to directions, blaming others for his behavior, ("But Charlie forced me to go into the hallway!"), getting slightly injured on his finger, twisting his body into hangry (hungry & angry) origami on a chair as I finished a meeting with the Y, yelling at the Wii when the batteries conked out again. I just couldn't win. We get home, give him a bath and he comes over to me and says, "Mom, wanna watch TV?", all cute and adorable like. 

I say yes, thinking I'll be fine and then, the Couch strikes. IKEA Sleeping Couch isn't the world's most comfortable couch, but it does induce sleep to most people who recline on it. I was done like Thanksgiving Turkey. I probably snored. I didn't snooze long, and it's never a full sleep, but boy, I was tapped. 

And I am. And I sleep now. :)

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