Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/19/2010

It's Patriots Day here, where we celebrate the beginning of the Revolutionary War by re-enacting the march on Concord Green. I wanted to go this year, but it started at 6 AM. I was still asleep, but I was marching in spirit... I think.

I am a bit of a history nut, especially Revolutionary history. I saw a teapot with the words "Stamp Act Repeal'd" today and was salivating at the idea that someone brewed some fine rebellious tea in that delightful china. I used to work for the American Antiquarian Society where they had a small glass bottle, sealed in wax and twine, which had some original tea from the Boston Tea Party which had washed up on the shore of Charlestown.

A big shout out to @operationjack, who ran the marathon today in Boston. Hope you did well, my fellow tweep!

My back problems seem to have disappeared, which is a blessing. Whatever had happened has now popped back into place. I'm not limping or straining to walk.  It's quite a relief, especially with all the moving I've been doing. It's finally starting to look like I'm moving out, even though I've been purging and packing for a few weeks.

Nathan called me today and told me that we would be doing the Cow Level in Diablo II when he got home. He started mooing over the phone, "MoOOOO! Moo! MOOOOOOOO!" I hope I remember how to GET to the Cow Level. Yikes! Better brush up on my Horadric Cube Formulations!

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