Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/21/2010

I can't believe I skipped a post yesterday! I bet you're all thinking, "Well thank GOD we didn't have to see her face for once!" (I kid! I kid!) I was so wiped after working from 7:45 t0 5 with all my Y kids. I managed to get some food in me, and then fell into bed in a heap. 

I picked up my boy today and we had lunch at Taco Bell (his choice). I ordered him a crunchy taco which came with lettuce. (oops!) He unwrapped it, looked aghast, turned his head away and announced, "Mom, that is NOT what I ordered." I managed to pick away at it to get 99.9 44/100 % of the lettuce removed. I'm sure the sociology student watching us from the other table was LOVING my meal preening. He did notice said covert lettuce and pronounced that he found he couldn't taste anything. Thank goodness. Maybe slowly he can start eating salad. Maybe.

On the ride home, I told Nathan that I wanted to live in a small house, like a cottage. He asked where I wanted the cottage to be and I said in the woods. He gasped a bit and said, "Mom, I don't want to live in the woods. I'm afraid of bears." I promised him that we wouldn't live in the woods, but maybe we would visit and make sure that it wasn't bear season. Who knew he had this horrific aversion to bears?

So, I've been playing with my camera and have finagled some settings. I seem to have gotten a few good pictures. Usually, with Nate, I get something like this:

But, tonight, I caught a small glimpse of this:

That's the most amazing smile I have caught of my son. It's just pure happiness and joy. It is his essence that I see, every day, and I wanted you all to see it, too. He's what I strive for, work for and reach higher for. 

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