Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/22/2010

The eyes have it, and they have the TIRED. I forgot how exhausting it can be working with a large group of kids for a full day. Boy, are they energy magnets! It was difficult trying to finagle through the jungle of behavioral and social issues with so many varied personalities.

One kid called me "old lady" today. He's a bit of a handful. I still can't read him properly. Don't know what his beef is, except to make other people miserable. I am included in this list. I called him out on it and told him it was just plain rude. It didn't even phase him. How do they get so jaded that they aren't intimidated by consequences? I don't know. 

One little girl, she's 6, would come up to me and say, "I fell, but I'm okay." and things of a similar nature. She likes to keep me up to date with what has happened during the day. 

Three kids had similar symptoms of over exaggerated stomach pains. Like fall down on the floor, clutching your middle pains.  Since I'm not too familiar enough with the kids to know if they're faking (three of them are pretty recent additions), I asked them what they all ate today, if they felt nauseous, etc. They all told me they drank "too much pool water."  I can see the younger ones perhaps taking in a little of the chlorinated beverage, but the older one? I can't say. Maybe someone dunked her and she got a huge mouthful. 

Nathan was pretty good today. He had a moment where a game didn't quite go as planned, but for the most part was awesome.  He played bingo and managed not to have an epic meltdown. He played with some kids from another location (as he goes to both sometimes) and helped them feel comfortable.  I was pretty proud of him. :) 

And tomorrow, the zoo. With 40 kids. Wish me luck!

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