Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/27/2010

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of frustration. I have less than 5 days to finish packing my apartment, which in the grand scheme of things there isn't much left to do. But when you have a 7 year old aspie who doesn't sleep until 10 PM and senses that you are not paying attention to him, doing other activities is HARD. Of course, that on top of everything else that I'm not doing, like laundry and dishes.

And milk, it seems, is a huge priority. I'm trying not to have too many perishables in the fridge right now, as I'd like to minimize the amount of groceries I'm taking. Nathan said to me tonight, "Mom, we don't have enough milk to SUR-VIVE!!!" He whimpered into his pillows as he bemoaned his lack of bovine beverage. I whimpered under my breath that there wasn't any chocolate in the house. What was I THINKING?!?

I'm attempting to deal with his perfection complex and I think I may have had a break through. He's been suffering with not getting things perfect the first time he tries something, which is, of course, age appropriate; but add the aspie aspect into it and the drama is 100 times more vivid.

We talked yesterday about writing a book, which I'm all for. Then he says, "I want it to be 100 pages." I'm still with him on that. Then he asks, "And we can do it all in one night!" 

I'm optimistic, but I'm not going to lie to him either. I told him we could maybe get 3 pages, but not 100. This threw him into a tizzy where he said he was stupid and that he wasn't a good illustrator and that he couldn't do anything right. I told him that even professional writers don't write 100 pages in one day. Unless you're Stephen King, and maybe it's 50, but not 100 pages. 

Today, someone showed him a magic trick and he wanted to learn it. Within 1 minute of attempting it and not doing it perfectly, he exclaimed, "I'm a magician failure!"

He was playing a game with some kids, a new game, and of course, he didn't do it perfectly and the screams that emitted from this child's throat was like skinning a rabid cat. I mean HYSTERICAL I've-been-stabbed-type screeching. 

Then, it hit me. He thinks that everyone else is perfect the first time and everyone is perfect all the time, EXCEPT HIM. I couldn't BELIEVE I didn't catch this before.

We talked about it in the car. I told him that NOBODY is perfect, EVER. People who are really good at things have PRACTICED for a long time. And even then, those people who have expert skills can sometimes have a bad day and screw up. I told him a new mantra: I'M NOT PERFECT, BUT I'M WORKING ON GETTING BETTER.

Of course, tomorrow he'll probably forget the whole thing. But, for one brief moment, he understood. And there is still no chocolate in the house. But, like the milk shortage, I can change that. 

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