Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/4/2010

Nathan in blue, holding a Lindt chocolate bunny and a Lego Skeleton dude.  Child has priorities.

I was wearing a delightful scarf with spots of blue with my lovely white pearl and blue gem earrings. In all the photos I took of it, you couldn't see either shots of blue. So, I had to take stunt photo of the earrings, where you still can't tell that there is any blue. 

However, in the spirit of Easter, and the subject of renewal and rebirth, what better way to show the power of blue than with Peeps.

Peeps are my favorite Easter candy. I love them air dried to a crunchy state. Nathan got some Peeps, too, but he hasn't cracked into his. He was VERY well behaved today. Getting dressed up, sitting down in church with all that "talking", then the highly anticipated Easter Egg Hunt where he cleaned house. I managed to keep him distracted with writing notes back and forth to each other, chewing gum, swaying to music when it was sung and making Sweetie (his favorite pet) sing along to the songs with an off key meow. An hour and 15 minutes may not seem like much, but it can be a challenge for him.

He sat down to dinner and ate for about 15 minutes before he asked to be excused. I was impressed he sat down to eat at all as he had been snacking most of the day. But, all in all, he had a great day. 

We did go and get batteries at Walgreens, where I felt slightly guilty for being able to buy something on a holiday. As we went to get them, Nathan stopped at every single toy and colorful display like it was a magical unicorn. He was complaining that he didn't get any toys for Easter. My brain almost leaked out of my head. I asked calmly, "Did you forget all the toys and special things the Easter Bunny brought you?" And just as calmly, he said, "Oh yeah! I forgot!"  He went to explain that sometimes he does forget things and that if he's reminded, that he'll remember. I truly thought my synapses had stopped firing. LOL!

After this confectionary cabal, I will be trying my best to up my exercise and eating routines. I am better at eating sensibly (I KNOW...Peeps are not a major food group) than the exercise. I just need to fit it in whenever I can. 

Happy Easter or which ever holiday you celebrate today. Hope it was filled with blue, too. :) 

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