Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/6/2010

There's my little blue ribbon, close to the bird's nest of hair I've sprouted. I can't apologize for my appearance enough. I feel incredibly cruddy all of a sudden and it shows on my face. No amount of makeup can hide that. The day started pretty well, though.

Nathan woke up at 6:30, which is not common for him. I'm usually dragging him out of bed by his toes, but not today. He spent some time at my feet, playing with some Legos he got for Easter. This is some sort of squid type bad Lego dude who carries fire. Go figure!

We walked out to the car and found this:

Usually people write "WASH ME!" or some colorful expletive, but some sweet soul graced our little car with this adorable gem. I think I may know who it is, but it doesn't matter because it was a super way to start the day. And yes, after the turkey incident, I have been bringing my camera with me all the time.

I had a good day at the Y, and felt some early brain twangs, so I took some naproxen around 3. We got home and while Nathan was Wii-ing, he started to freak out. He was attempting to beat a new game and he wasn't progressing as well as he would like.  Eyes full of rage and water, he was jumping up and down, his voice a repetitive roar. He ran in his room, buried his face in his pillow and shrieked into it. He rolled over onto his back and was kicking his legs into the air, with more screaming. I stopped him after a few minutes. I give him some time to feel his anger, but I don't let him dwell in it.  He composed himself and then said, "Hey Mom, you know what would make me feel better?" I was shocked to hear him even say it. I couldn't believe I was hearing him using a diversion to help himself! I asked him what it was. He said, "That 16 hour guy! He's funny!" 

We watched this for about 5 minutes and then he proclaimed, "I feel better! Thanks, Mom." First time he's ever done that for himself. I was so proud. I would have been prouder if my skull didn't feel like it was trying to escape my body. I feel it in my nasal passages, too, which makes me think it's a sinus thing.
Here's to hoping it won't last long. Mama doesn't need to be incapacitated by brains jumping ship!

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