Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do You Blue? 4/8/2010

I wore the blue bracelet the earlier part of the day, until my package from Awareness Depot arrived and I was able to wear this great puzzle ribbon pin. All the pictures I took look like this random person with a random pin, so you get me posing with the pin. Lucky, I'm telling you!

Nathan was up at 6:30AM! 2nd day in a row. I consider 6AM to 7AM to be MY time. I putter around the house, do lots of internetting and prepare for the day. I'm not ready for my 7 year old to be AWAKE! Perhaps as a parent of an autistic child, I have been spoiled that he does sleep quite well and stays in bed until 7 AM. These past few days, they have screwed me up, man!

This is what death warmed over looks like. I have no caffeine in my system and Nathan could power half of Guam with the energy he's harnessing. I want to crawl back into bed just thinking about it. He's awake now, talking to his stuffed animals. He'll fall asleep soon, but this 6 AM to 10 PM business is hard. I can't start projects at 10 PM. I'm already conscious for 16 hours, trying to fire up the brain cells at that hour is a tall order. I remember when Stephenie Meyer said that she wrote "Twilight" and the series that followed when her children went to bed. I scoffed, "Yeah, well..your children are ASLEEP by 7PM! No wonder you have time to write a freakin' novel!" Crazy sparkly vampires.

Nothing earth shattering to report on Nathan. He had a super day, no big meltdowns, no trauma, no tantrums....well..there was one issue with him and another girl where they both accused each other of hitting. One item was a stuffed animal the other was a hand. I could tell it was on accident on both parts, but neither child would believe the other. I told them that it was not on purpose and if there was another problem like that to come and find an adult. We'd like them to be able to figure out those things for themselves without resorting to throwing objects. In light of their still underdeveloped sense of self advocacy (oh yeah, I said it), I'm glad they didn't go straight for rocks and sticks. 

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