Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movin' on Up!: Do You Blue Review

It's 6:45 on a Saturday morning and I'm EXHAUSTED. I've been through a very tough week. We're moving today, but as you can see, the internet is still connected! We're bringing most of the big stuff over today and finishing up the small stuff over the next day or two. I should be completely done by Monday, which is when I told my landlord I was moving. (*snicker*)

So, to review Do You Blue, I'd give it a B-, as I slacked near the end. Truly, life just got up in my grill and said, "Hey! Look! I'm right here. You have to deal with me!" I did have a really good clip going and then, fail. But, I am proud to have gotten so many posts up and I did wear something blue every single day, even if I didn't write anything about it. 

Nathan has been a little more clingy during the move, which is completely understandable. He's been very fatalist, as everything we run out of seems to have him on the verge of collapse. Our TV took a graceful swan dive and shattered into a million pieces yesterday. If it was 5 years ago, I probably would have shattered with it, but now...I shrugged it off. It was 15 years old, she had served us quite well. Wasn't my plan to pick up pieces of plastic casing and figure out what to do with the remaining screen, but hey, it's all good. Nathan was all worried we wouldn't be able to "afford" a new TV. That's his new worry, we can't afford things. I told him we were just fine and we would be able to get a new one very soon.

I will miss this city we're in, though I won't miss where we live. I'm very excited to be in our new spot, where it is quiet, with lots of sunlight, close enough to walk to places, especially his new school. We're both dealing with boat loads of anxiety, but after this week, a large chunk of that will have dissolved and we will have slightly smoother sailing.

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