Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Frolicking ~ Ninja Style!

I was reading an article by Elaine Hall, who is the maven & sheer genius behind "Autism: The Musical" and The Miracle Project. She talks about some great tips on bringing your ASD child (ren) out on vacation. 

Vacations can be uber tricky with any child, but our ASD kids can provide even more head scratching challenges. Gone are the days you can pack up the stationwagon (do they even have these anymore?) with everyone pigpiled in the backseat for hours at a time. However, with some know how, some researching and a little old fashioned imagination you can create summer memories that your whole family can enjoy.

Nathan and I don't have tons of free time this summer, with him still in camp and me just finishing my summer camp position. Yet, we have found that day trips work for us right now. Our most recent trip was to Amesbury Sports Park. We took my sister, Ann and her son, Darin (who has ADHD) here and let me tell you, what a BLAST. You take a conveyor belt up to the top (No Stairs!), and you slide down with your kids. It was tremendous. Both boys ate it up. My sister and I just about exploded from excitement.

We stopped inside their airconditioned and very spacious restaurant for brief beverage break. 2 hours with unlimited trips down the mountain: $12 per person. I think we went about 10 times. That's $1.20 per ride. Fun and inexpensive!  We frugal ninjas here, dear readers! If you want to save even more, bring a cooler and pack icy drinks that you can enjoy at their picnic tables. A slight caveat: Bring sunscreen and/or hats. It's a BIG mountain with NO shade. But, they do have the restaurant to go in and chill out (literally & figuratively) and they have H2O misters. 

This video is of us going down the mountain at about 25 mph. I've replaced my high pitched screeching with delightful music. 

Tomorrow night, Nate & I go to see The Lowell Spinners play. It's Nate's first baseball game. It's also robot, gargoyle and peanut free night. Imagine that! I'll have my report on Wednesday!


  1. Great video! We'll have to check that place out. Have fun at the Spinners game! We used to love going there when we lived nearby. It's a perfect place for a first baseball game. Now we're closer to the Pawtucket Red Sox - also a terrific place to see a ballgame. Have a great time!


  2. @Alysia: Thanks so much on the video. It was fantastic!

    I think everyone should go to a ball game at least once. I feel that teams like the Paw Sox and Brockton Rox and the Spinners are a good first intro to America's favorite pasttime. :) I've also added you to the Blogoverse. Yay!

  3. We haven't tried the Brockton Rox yet - the Worcester Tornadoes are on our list, but it's hard to beat the Spinners and PawSox for familiarity! Look forward to reading about your adventure! Always like reading about other local moms and what they do with their kids around here.
    Thanks for the add to your blogoverse :-) I'm a Facebook fan of yours as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I have a 7 year-old son with ADHD and Asperger's. He has SUCH a hard time playing with other kids, especially in playing games with rules. He also has a real issue with losing. I want to make sure I'm supporting him in his social development and that he has a well of skills to draw from in the future. I was wondering if Nathan has any of these issues. If so, I'd love to know more about how you've dealt with him. Any games and methods you use to help him. If you have experiences to share on this I'd be indebted for an entry on this subject. Again, thank you. You're obviously a wonderful, committed mother.

  5. @Alysia: I'll let you know about the Spinners. We're PSYCHED! Nathan is beyond pumped for it. And what's your ID on FB? Ping me on FB so I can friend you. :)

  6. @Anonymous: Actually, yes, we've had similar issues and we're dealing with it right now. I'm writing a blog about it and will have it up by Thursday, if not sooner, so stay tuned! Feel free to add me on FB & Twitter, too. :)