Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween. Yes, have some!

I love Halloween with an unholy passion. It's ridiculous how much one holiday puts me into a perpetual state of glee. I don't think I can narrow down exactly why I love it. The smell in the air, pumpkins, apples, falling leaves, bonfires, costumes, candy, decorations, bats, witches...they're all part of this delightful make believe world.

It was the one time of year I got to be someone I wasn't. It was a relief to me when I was younger, as I had horrible self esteem and self image problems. I have moved beyond that, and now, I concentrate on the positive aspects of it. 

Nathan is totally into Halloween now, which is fantastic. I would like to share my love of Halloween  (for kids and adults) with all of you with a little thing I call: 

Halloween Goodness!

Now, I know this is primarily a blog about Asperger's and ADHD. I don't want you, dear Ninjas, that I'm changing the programming. I'm just adding this fun and jaunty segment into the regular content. So, sit back & enjoy!

You've never seen pumpkins like this! Delightful recycled non toxic Crayola crayons become reborn as art supplies du jour! Great for holding (with added sensory bonuses for raised pattern & color scheme) and would be wonderful as a gift bag addition. 

Pick them HERE


During Halloween, we constantly search for white face makeup. You see it at CVS and say, "Oh, I'll get it later..." and then you're desperate for the pale gauntiness of death and lo and behold! It's gone forever. The white stuff always goes first, by the way. However, cherubs, all is not lost! Pick up this charming Geisha White Mineral Makeup, which is good for your real skin and will give you that delightful pallor of recent decay, which is what all the ghouls and boys are looking for.

A whiter shade of pale is HERE.


  1. Excellent! I had nice Halloween posts the last 2 years. Archives are tabbed just under the banner.


  2. Love it! We go all out for Halloween, too! Must say I was considering white face paint this year for an authentic look, but I'm not quite sure if I'll have the nerve to (will I ever get it off, will it irritate).