Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here we are, in front of our house, with Nathan being an unsparkly yet amazingly handsome vampire and me being...well...a ham. 

Halloween is a time where I would obsess about costumes, about the little details and I would forget what's important. Having fun. 

Nathan's comfort and fun level are more important than making sure I have lights and decorations up, or my costume is not to some personally insane and unrealistic  standard (I'm a historical re-enactor, too) or has he been out long enough. I'm lucky that he can go out at all. I know some Asperger's kids can't go out due to sensory issue or the like. 

He was out for 45 minutes. He was very happy with the amount of "treasure" he got. He smiled the whole time. He knew when he was done. 

He's happily eating cheese balls and watching cartoons. I am content. He is content. All is right with the world. :) 

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