Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking Stock

I've been absent the past few weeks, but I am back on the road I was travelling on. 

Seems I got lost somewhere, forgot what was important and was hyper focused on things I didn't need to be laser precise with. I'm in a production of "Our Town" and it's really hit me to the core. When Emily says, "Oh, earth,you are too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every,every minute? " 

I wasn't. I was sleepwalking. And it scared me.

This picture is of the back window of my car. I almost didn't see it because I am usually so self absorbed in the morning, I don't take the time to notice these little slices of pure unadulterated awesome.

 I haven't been the best friend, partner, mom or human being. I am refocused and rededicated to working on being that person again. 
And, you're thinking....Asperger Ninja will be no more? 

No, not at all. But I won't be as obsessed as I have been. I want to focus on the writing, not on the wanting to be known for my writing. I want to snuggle on the couch more, play more games, be there for those people in my life who matter the most, and live this delicious life. 

There will be more awesome Nathan stories, more adventures for us. There will be those goofy anecdotes from my brilliant boy. I guarantee it.

As the Golden Girls say, "Thank you for being a friend." Thanks for staying with us and being part of this journey. There is and will be more to come. 

Nate at 14 months

Nate - November 2010


  1. that is some incredible soul searching you've been doing! I, for one, will read whatever you write whenever you write it.
    Love the picture in the back window of your car - who did it?

  2. @alysia: It's a first things first concept all over again, except, it's for more than my physical well being.

    Thank you for always being a supporter and commenter here. You are always welcome, and don't be surprised if you see me lurk away at your journal, too. :)

    I do not know who did it though I think it was someone close to me. It truly made my day. I feel like we should do more random acts of awesomeness.

  3. You scared me for a minute there. I thought you were leaving me! I just recently found your blog and I love it!

    It's wonderful that you are spending more time with your family! I look forward to reading whatever you post whenever you post it. Family does comes first. Enjoy your family and life while you have it to enjoy!

  4. I love every word of your post. Every bit is so true for all of us. We should all be doing the same.

  5. @Erica: Sorry to have scared you! I am not going anywhere, I am focusing more on being a writer and taking care of my family than trying to make a big name for myself. I know that will come at some point, but being with my family and friends is more important right now.

  6. @Brenda: I think Wilder had a very profound effect on me. Life should be lived aware, not just absorbed. :)