Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asperger Ninja: DIG THIS!

A New Feature!

Welcome to Asperger Ninja's DIG THIS!

This is the place where I chat about things that we dig! Whether that is music, books, gadgets, toys, games, what have you. They can be ASD/ADHD related, or are just plain cool things that make us happy or our lives easier. It's a myriad of hodge podgy goodness! Let's get started!

I feel like Pikachu would just jump out of this incredibly rad Bento Box. It has two layers, to hold enough grub for any kiddo and has a cool factor of about 12. For any Pokefanatic, it is a great conversation starter, too, for those on the shy non engaging side.

We love UNO, at home and at my two sites that I work at. It is a quick, easy to learn game that is fun with a captial F. Portable, it helps with those who have to wait at a doctor's office or when electronics may not have enough juice. Helps kids join in, too, as they don't have to wait too long to hop in. 

Our friend, Pamela, got us this great gift set from Fresh for Christmas. It is a body scrub to help Nate with his seasonal eczema. I scoffed at first, thinking a scrub on his already tender skin may not help. I stand corrected!  It has helped him stay moisturized a little while longer than he normally does and his skin feels smoother. The Ninja has used this, too (shhhh!) and it is divine on New England winter ravaged skin.  

That's what I have for this week! I am working on making this a regular addition to the evolving Asperger Ninja. If you have a product that you would be interested in having us review, please contact me at Our review policy is going up on the site as we speak. We were not compensated for these reviews. I will always be upfront and honest about products. 

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