Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A few weeks back, I got a smart phone. I was pretty happy with my regular cell phone which got texts, pictures, and calls. I never had a need for one, until I had gotten a voicemail from my now new employer who said, "I left you a voice mail and also sent you an email thinking you'd get it faster on your phone."

Do you know the feeling when your stomach drops out of your abdomen and onto your shoes? Yeah, that one. I had it. 

I sheepishly replied, "I don't have one of those phones..."

I had always wanted a phone like that, but didn't think it was for me. I mean, I wasn't a big technology kind of girl. I like somethings to be updated and new (like my makeup, holla!) but phones? As long as people can get to me and I can call 911 in an emergency, I was good. 

I pondered for a while if I wanted one or if I needed one. I couldn't truly decide between the two, so I said, "What the heck?" I bit the bullet.
I love this phone. I got a certified pre-owned Samsung Fascinate i5oo Galaxy class. It is a sweet machine. One of the amazing things on it is the camera. I started clicking pictures right away. One of the first ones was this, my Nate after Hurricane Irene: 

My friend Trish comments on Facebook with this:

  • T:  He's got Tenth Doctor Hair!
    August 30 at 8:21pm · 

  • Asperger Ninja:  Ahaha! All he needs is a bowtie!
    August 30 at 8:48pm · 

Now, Trish is a graphic artist. She sends me this a few minutes later..

My child, the 12th Doctor? It could TOTALLY happen! 

I'm new to the Dr. Who phenomenon. I remember my father watching Dr. Who back in the late 70's. I know, you're probably all saying, "WHAT?! Mr. D watched Dr. Who?!?"

Well...he probably didn't LIKE Dr. Who, but it was right before Wild Kingdom, so he'd watch it anyway..

 I like to thank my fellow Whovian, who has gotten me into watching the Doctor and eating Jelly Babies..

Fish sticks and custard, yo!


  1. Yay, another convert. I've been watching Doctor Who since I was four ... yep... I started watching with the third doctor and I remember being very excited to find that an entire generation had watched it before me. Now my kids are big followers too.

    ...and Nate does have tenth doctor hair.

  2. Gavin, he totally does and I love him for it. :) I think the writing, scenarios and characters on the newest seasons of Dr.Who are really amazing and brilliant. Alot of depth and meat in there, that's what brings me to watch. Oh yeah, and David Tennant, who can do no wrong!