Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wearing O' The Blue

There is so much Aspie / ADHD noise in the news lately, and that it's Autism Awareness Day and Month, and that gosh darn it, I haven't posted in a few weeks...

I am so amazingly proud of this kid, that I can't even begin to describe what he brings to my heart. We've been struggling with a few things, but new things: More difficult homework, his ADHD raging because of it, changes in him physically and emotionally, new friend territory to navigate. 

And me. 

Me trying to figure it all out, me attempting to keep it all above water, working hard to practice what I preach and as I always say, "Keep my shit together". 

And I am. And better than I have. 

There will always be hills to climb and walls to scale, but it's how we approach them that makes the challenge a little easier to endure. 

And we are part of this blue light, and will always be a part of it. I am honored to be among you and to share our story and to speak my  truth. We are all storytellers. I thank you so much for listening to ours. 

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